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Children’s clothing from Lapland

Paapero designs, makes, sells and markets clothes for children. Paapero was established in 1990, and over the past few years it has increasingly concentrated on its own production. The company’s idea is based on own design, Lappish manufacturing and production. The company’s values include concentrating on what children need, respecting children, local wellbeing and Finnish work.

Paapero invests into making quality Finnish-made products: the unique and innovatively designed products are produced in Kemijärvi, where dressmakers qualified as clothing industry artisans work to make the clothing. Our extensive network of partners and cooperative enterprises is available for handling large orders.

The bright range of colours and patterns characteristic of the products is inspired by Lapland: Lapland’s enchanting natures, seasons and fairytale-like mysticism. Products use high-quality and safe ÖköTex certified materials.

Development work continuing since 1990 and feedback received from customers have fine-tuned Paapero clothing to become both practical and functional.

The Creators of Paapero

Päivi Valle - Dressmaker / Head Designer

Päivi Valle is the founder and head designer for the Paapero brand. The distinctive, joyfully fresh appearance of Paapero clothing was born from her passion for colours, design and materials. The products always represent something very new and fashionable. Living in Lapland, Päivi loves the vibrantly colourful, extensive and pristine nature, as well as its unreserved inhabitants and overall easy-going lifestyle.

Kati Miikkulainen - Dressmaker / Artisan

Our other Paapero dressmaker, Kati loves Lapland’s four distinct seasons: crunching sound of snow underfoot, springtime brightening nights, candle lanterns and smoking ovens after the summer. Kati believes that the uniqueness of Lapland is also evident in its inhabitants. She gets great job satisfaction seeing people fall in love with the clothes and meeting satisfied customers, while experiencing the creation process where ideas become products.

Senja - Illustrator

Ailu and many of the other characters, animals and plants depicted on the Paapero products are designed by Laplander, Senja. The themes for her illustrations are often inspired by the surrounding nature, dreams, games and movies. Lapland is home for Senja, a place where it feels good to be, a place where reindeer can be seen in the garden, not to mention the Aurora Borealis and the Nightless Night of the Midnight Sun.