Lapland’s sensitive nature, people and tales create a unique environment to grow up in. The very same principles are used to create the innovative Paapero® products from Lapland.


Nature-themed Paapero®-patterns


Fairytale-like and inspiringly colorful


Handmade in Lapland since 1990

The Child Who Won The Hearts Of All

A favorite garment can be very important to a child. The fairytale-like patterns and cheerful colors of Paapero® children's clothing inspire the child. They are clothes the child likes. And you will notice it!

What is Paapero Clothing?

Paapero® clothing offers you an original, high quality and ethical alternative. Our range covers baby clothing, children's clothing up to 10 yo and a limited selection of adults' clothing. By choosing Paapero® clothing, you support a local business based in Lapland - and a Finnish brand known for its unique design.

Christmas is coming soon

By ordering Christmas gifts today, you relief stress and can concentrate on enjoying the peaceful and beautiful atmosphere of Christmas. Shop from our Christmas selection!

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