How to make purchases at the online store:

1. Click on the product you would like (which opens the product description card)
2. Select size and quantity, then click on the Add to basket button.
3. You can continue to click on other products to place in the basket.
4. Once you have finished shopping and ready to go to the checkout, click on the basket picture near the top of the page.
5. The basket will show you a summary of the products you are ordering and the total sum to be paid including postage and packaging costs. You can still edit or remove products. After editing, you can get a recalculated price by clicking the update total button.

How to get a picture of your child in the Paapero Lookbook
Send your photographs to paapero@paapero.fi, and we may publish your photo in the Paapero Lookbook. Please include details of the names of the children and ages, as well as your own contact details. A product prize draw is held for all children featured in Lookbook.

Ps. Paapero-Looks can also be followed on Tumblr

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